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Vantage Point Commitment to Equity, Diversity, Anti-racism, and Inclusion

We are committed to proactively engaging with diverse communities to learn, and be educated, about the impact of racism, oppression, and inequity on opportunity and integrity. We pledge to confront oppressive systems and own our actions that have negatively impacted others.

Vantage Point

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help you when you are dealing with mood or anxiety disorders, trauma, addiction, dependency on substances, or interpersonal violence. We strive to build on your resilience, with supportive services, evidence based treatment modalities with licensed and trained professionals, who will meet you “where you are” in the decision to create a new perspective for your life.

Why Choose Vantage Point?

We conduct thorough clinical assessments to assure accurate identification of your concerns. Our assessments include a clinical interview, completing intake forms regarding mental and physical health, addiction or dependence concerns you may have, and general background information so you can tell us about you, not just “the problem”. Our feedback session assures we are on the same page and helps us to work with you to meet your goals.

Phoenix Project

Vantage Point institutionally based re-entry program provides education, support, treatment, and recovery services for people who are experiencing problems with substance use disorders, mental health issues, criminal engagement, employment problems, and difficulty with successful reintegration to their communities. We partner with existing companies, programs, agencies, and institutional facilities to coordinate and facilitate opportunities and alliances (Drawings by Steven Parkhurst).

Vantage Point Phoenix Project

The Vantage Point Phoenix Project evaluation began in May 2020. The evaluation is designed to collect pre-program intake data and post-program data. The Phoenix project team has conducted numerous 6-month post-release interviews with former inmates who participated in the program. In addition, the project team has conducted interviews with other former inmates who were released prior to start of the evaluation. As a result, some of the follow-up data reflects longer periods of time (greater than six months) for individuals who were released prior to the start of the evaluation. In the future we anticipate looking at these two groups separately as the number of participants increases over time.

Meet the Team

Kathleen A. Carty, PhD MSW LICSW 

Dr. Carty earned her PhD from Boston College. She is also a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. Dr. Carty has worked on alcohol treatment outcome studies at the Brown University Center for Alcohol and Addiction Center, developed an efficacious state certified interpersonal violence intervention program, and has presented at conferences throughout the United States and in China. She has participated in international programs in Russia, Cuba, South Africa, and Greece. She has served as the President of the National Organization of Forensic Social Work, Acting Director of the

Institute for Addiction Recovery, Secretary on the Executive Board of RICARES, and was named RICARES Advocate of the Year in 2011. She currently serves on the board as a Director on the West Warwick Senior Center. She has worked in the area of family violence, mental health, and substance abuse for nearly 30 years. She is the founder of Vantage Point, Inc. which provides behavioral health options to facilitate successful outcomes for people who struggle with the burdens of mental health concerns, trauma, substance use, and interpersonal violence as it affects families, children, and adults. She developed the Phoenix Project, an institutionally based re-entry program for incarcerated individuals.

Vantage Point Phoenix Project

The Phoenix Project, the 6 month prison reentry program in year 5 at the ACI, has been conducting programming to facilitate successful reentry for women and men who are incarcerated. The Phoenix Project addresses the 8 criminogenic needs indicated in the Level of Service Inventory conducted with people who become incarcerated. Among the 8 needs are concerns with mental health, substance misuse, poor relationships, lack of education, poor employment history, lack of pro-social activities, and dysfunctional familial structures. The data from the RIDOC report (2022) indicates that 36% of those released are re-incarcerated by 6 months and 78% are re-incarcerated by 12 months. Our Phoenix graduates and Alumni are demonstrating a real commitment to change, to their communities, and especially to their families. Please read the most recent program evaluation to review our results.

Domestic Violence Program

The batterers’ intervention program is a state certified 20 week program that has never lost its certification, is the only female owned and operated BIP in the state, with licensed and state certified facilitators. The 40 hour program uses evidenced based strategies including psycho-educational tools while adhering to Cognitive Behavioral Therapeutic methods, and delivered with motivational enhancement techniques. We conduct in person and virtual programs.


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