Vantage Point

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help you when you are dealing with mood or anxiety disorders, trauma, addiction, dependency on substances, or interpersonal violence. We strive to build on your resilience, with supportive services, evidence based treatment modalities with licensed and trained professionals, who will meet you “where you are” in the decision to create a new perspective for your life.

Phoenix Project

Vantage Point institutionally based re-entry program provides education, support, treatment, and recovery services for people who are experiencing problems with substance use disorders, mental health issues, criminal engagement, employment problems, and difficulty with successful reintegration to their communities. We partner with existing companies, programs, agencies, and institutional facilities to coordinate and facilitate opportunities and alliances (Drawings by Steven Parkhurst).

Why Choose Vantage Point?

We conduct thorough clinical assessments to assure accurate identification of your concerns. Our assessments include a clinical interview, completing intake forms regarding mental and physical health, addiction or dependence concerns you may have, and general background information so you can tell us about you, not just “the problem”. Our feedback session assures we are on the same page and helps us to work with you to meet your goals.